After The Crash
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After the Crash is a mission in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men


The game begins with being a blur. People will be barking orders all around you, so do your best to follow them. First, move into the alley. Your eyes will clear up a bit as you get on your feet.

Follow the masked men down the alley. They'll ask you to climb up and over a fence, so use the car to get a boost up.

Enter the garage and you'll be handed your first weapon. It's only a handgun, but it will take down any foes with 2 or 3 well placed shots. If you are having trouble aiming, you might want to adjust the stiff default settings to allow for more movement.

Find cover behind an object. If it's low, then you'll need to crouch before you'll stick in a cover position. From cover, shoot any police you see. Your team will take care of them for the most part, so just get used to aiming and shooting. The cops will drop machine guns which you can pick up to make things a bit easier.

Head out into the street after all the cops are gone and follow your team to the next alleyway. You can toggle your objective marker at any time if you are lost.

Your mysterious accomplices now enter a building, so follow them up the stairs and around the upper area. From here, you'll have a good vantage point for killing cops below. Just kneel for cover and stand up to shoot downwards.

Leave the building and follow the masked men into the rear door of a diner

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