Arcade Mode

"In Arcade Mode you cooperate with a team of untrustworthy allies, the plan is very simple, detonate the bomb and get the 4 million dollars. You got 4 minutes to get the hell out. Remember you share the money, so work together, since you are a greedy jerkoff, and want all the cash for yourself. The boss will personally pay somebody to kill you, if you betray the team.

'You have to escape the heist to continue, or you will lose a life and replay the round, escape become more and more difficult as you advance in the round, and your allies may turn on you if you have not grabbed enough money, you are disposable to the team. If you choose the become the tratior you better make sure you have a way out home.'

Arcade Mode its known as a "offline" version of the multiplayer mode Fragile Alliance, the objective is to participate in a heist, grab all the money you can, an get your way to escape through the S.W.A.T, cops and gangsters. One of the most interesting things in this mode is you can kill any allies of your team, but this will give you the reputation of a TRAITOR, and then you will be chased by all your team. If you kill a Traitor, you get an extra money to the end of the round.


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