• Tehwabb1t

    Killing Innocent NPC's

    August 22, 2010 by Tehwabb1t

    Hi all, just curious if there is any ingame change as to killing innocent NPC's as you progress thru each level. For instance does the character evolve in some way or state something to change the atmosphere or such..

    For instance, in Splinter Cell : Conviction Sam speaks to the player on the repise of clearing some enemies by saying things like "getting Cocky there" or "that could have went better". These remarks dictate to the player Sam's opinion of how they handled that situation. I was wondering if the same could be applied in Dog Days.

    Also... Are there any collectables in Dog Days? What i mean is, some sort of hidden egg or item or such that the player could find... i've unlocked the Multiplayer Masks and was wondering was there anymo…

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  • Wagnike2

    New Design

    July 23, 2010 by Wagnike2

    To prepare for the upcoming release on Kane and Lynch, we are currently working on a new skin and front page design.

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