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Anyone who see the "Bowling for Shanghai" trailer from Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, remember the object that Lynch used to destroy the door? Yes, is a bownling ball, funny isn't? Well, we will show to you how to find it playing two of the levels in game.

Chapter 1 (Welcome to Shanghai):Edit

Start the level from the start point in the Hard difficult, in the very beggining, when the chase starts, follow Brady to the right and when he goes to the left and locks the door (forcing you to break it), search for a purple ball near the trashes. You can pick it up and break the door, and kill people with it!

Chapter 6 (A Thousand Cuts):Edit

After left the bus stop location, when you are running down the street, you will find 2 cops, and near this there is a indoor location with 2 yellow gas canisters in it, and the bownling ball is right on their.


  • This bownling ball has first seen in the first Kane & Lynch 2 Teaser, when Lynch break a door with it and kill an unknown guys.
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