AGE: Early 20's
RACE: Asian

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysEdit

Brady is known as a informant in Shanghai, with whom Lynch wants to correct some things in the start of the game, probably on the false information that Lynch sold. After the intrusion into his apartment, he establishes a short gunfight, in which Brady decides to escape with his girlfriend (whose father is the corrupt government official Shangsi), thinking that Lynch wants to kill him, when Lynch only wants to talk to him instead. When he and Kane finally corner him and his girlfriend in a wet market, a quick firefight ensures, and his girlfriend is killed in the crossfire. Brady is stunned by her death; when Lynch attempts to talk to him, Brady instead pulls out a knife and realizing how Shangsi will react upon hearing about his daughter's death, cuts his own throat open, much to the duo's shock and confusion.


  • His real name is Li Lung, but everybody calls him Brady.
  • When Lynch invade his apartment, Brady is seen having sex with his girlfriend
  • Due to a bug on the Brady's AI, when chasing him, he stops and glitch the level, making you restart the last checkpoint.
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