Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysEdit


Norinco Model 77BEdit

Used by Lynch in a few screenshots. It is the standard sidearm for the players in all Fragile Alliance modes. Called "N77P" in-game.

Police reg.: 2351-A776

Standard issue Police hand gun. Confiscated from an 8 year old child."

Norinco Model 77B SilencedEdit

Norinco Model 77B s
Purchased In Fragile Alliance Mode Called "N77P Silenced" in-game

Police reg.: 2317-A746

"Standard issue Police hand gun w/ Silencer. Found by the Pu Dong Docks."

Beretta 92FSEdit

Able to be purchased silenced and unsilenced in Fragile Alliance. Called "Doretta" in-game.

Police reg.: 4962-B091

"Hand gun. Origin: European. Confiscated from a Mr. Tommy Brown."

Beretta 92FS SilencedEdit

Beretta 92FS s
Purchased in Fragile Alliance. Called "Doretta Silenced" in-game

Police reg.: 9551-D854

"Hand gun w/ Silencer. Origin: European. Found in a public toilet off Mali Lu."

Norinco 9mm Police RevolverEdit

Fired by Kane & Lynch in screenshots. Called the "Copper" in-game, due to its use by police.

Police reg.: 8140-A029

"Standard issue Police gun. Found on the road side of the Gaojialu."

Tokarev TT-33Edit

Purchased in Multiplayer Mode Called "DD-33" in-game

Police reg.: 9551-D854

"Pre-WW2 hand gun. Origin: Russian. Found in a public toilet off Mali Lu."

Sig Sauer P226Edit

Heavily Customized Can be purchased in Fragile Alliance Mode Called "Nianshi 226" in-game

Police reg.: 6108-A023

"Customized hand gun. Confiscated from a Mr. Hwang."

Smith & Wesson M&P 45 ACPEdit

In a tan frame can be purchased in Fragile Alliance Called "SMS45" in-game

Police reg.: 1109-A725

"US Army handgun. Taken from the South Harbor massacre - believed to have been stolen from a US Gulf War Depot."

Desert EagleEdit

Purchased In Fragile Alliance Mode Called "Wasteland Hawk" in-game

Police reg.: 1010 - A660

"Standard Police heavy handgun. Retrieved in building site near Mali Lu."

Colt King CobraEdit

Can Be Purchased in Fragile Alliance DLC is Required Called "KL Viper" in-game

Police reg.: 0911-A054

"Special hand gun. Origin: Unknown. Confiscated from Roy Wayne, well-known hoodlum chauffeur for a Mr. Glazer."

Taurus JudgeEdit


Able to be purchased in Fragile Alliance. In order to purchase it the player has to be the top rank Called "TOQ Model 66X" in-game

Police reg.: 0811-A891

"Special import shotgun revolver. Taken in a street brawl between two drunken Expats."


Hawk Semi-Auto Shotgun SOVEdit

Sawed Off Version of the Hawk Called "Nianshi 40XR"in-game.

Police reg.: 4673 - A219

"Police Shotgun. Modified on the black market. Obtained from Mr. Hsing's Sunny Jean Factory."

Remington Model 870Edit

800px-Model870P MAXlg
Available in Fragile Alliance called "Steele 870" in-game

Police reg.: 2610 - G991

"US standard shotgun. Found on the Suzhou river bank."

Hawk Semi-Auto ShotgunEdit

Wielded by Lynch in one of the screenshots. Called "TOQ Model 18" in-game.

Police reg.: 2909 - D729

"Special US import. Shotgun revolver seized from drunken Expat in bar brawl."

Franchi SPAS-12Edit

Used in multiplayer screenshot. Called "Gras-12" in-game.

Police reg.: 1604 - A864

"Shotgun. Origin: Italian. Seized by customs from an unknown Expat, who managed to escape during the arrest."

FN Tactical PoliceEdit

400px-Fn tactical police-1-
Wielded by Lynch in one of the screenshots. Called "RTS" in-game.

Police reg.: 8204 - B021

"Tactical Police Shotgun. Origin: American. Confiscated from UK Expats."

Hawk Pump Bullpup ShotgunEdit

Can be bought in Fragile Alliance if the player is the top rank Called "Buqiang 300BP" in-game

Police reg.: 1684 - E081

"Elite Force. Fully Automatic shotgun. Confiscated from Mr. Hsing's Sunny Jean factory."

Sub-Machine GunsEdit

Heckler & Koch SP89Edit

Can be purchased and found in Fragille Alliance. Converted to full auto. Called the "DK ST80" in-game.

Police reg.: 8764 - C578

"SMG. Origin: European. Taken on the scene of the Lu Xiun Underground Tech Market Massacre."

Ingram MAC-10Edit

Fired by an unknown person in a screenshot and seen beening used by Lynch in a trailer. Called the "PAC-10" in-game.

Police reg.: 1612 - D620

"Small lowgrade MG. Left in a dumpster near Nanjing Lu."

Ingram MAC-10 SilencedEdit

350px-Ingram-mac10 new
Can Be Purched in Fragile Allice Mode Called "PAC10 Silenced" in-game

Police reg.: 4838 - A854

"Small lowgrade MG w/ Silencer. Retrieved from the Golden Flower Apartment Complex gang incident."

Steyr MPi 69Edit

Fired by a robber in the cops and robber trailer and can be bought in Fragile Alliance. It is called "SMi 69" in-game.

Police reg.: 0805 - A367

"Small SMG. Origin: Chinese. Easy to carry, easily disposed of. Left in a noodle stand in the inner city."

SA vz. 61 ŠkorpionEdit

Fired by Lynch in a screenshot. Called "Desert Spider" in-game.

Police reg.: 8641 - C785

"Hand gun. Obtained from a Mr. Lynch, arrested for G.B.H."


Used by Kane and Lynch in screenshots Called "Nianshi 500" in-game.

Police reg.: 4534 - A974

"Chinese Paramilitary Submachine gun. Obtained during the South Harbor massacre."

QCW-05 SilencedEdit

Purchased in Fragile Alliance called "Nianshi 500 Silenced"

Police reg.: 4817 - A798

"Chinese Paramilitary Submachine Gun w/ Silencer. Found on the road side of the Gaojialu near the Bund."

Norinco Type 79Edit

used by police. Called "Nianshi 700" in-game.

Police reg.: 2498 - A233

"Standard Police MG. Obtained during raid at Mr. Glazer's penthouse on Kim Lu."

Heckler & Koch UMP 45Edit

400px-UMP 45
Can be purchased in Fragile Alliance called "TOQ Model Four" in-game

Heckler & Koch UMP 45 SilencedEdit

Purchased in Fragile Alliance mode Called "TOQ Model Four Silenced" in-game

Heckler & Koch USC 45 ACPEdit

Purchased in Fragile Alliance Mode with DLC. Called "TOQ SBR" in-game

Police reg.: 8593 - A503

"Submachine gun, custom-made. Origin: US. Found in the aftermath of the Shuang Xi Restaurant massacre."

Assault RiflesEdit

Zastava M85Edit

M85 5 12
the Zastava is used by mercenaries during the Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode in a screenshot. It is the standard weapon for players in all the Fragile Alliance modes. It is called "Vamazast" in-game.

Police reg.: 6453 - A753

"Serb Import. Taken from the Serbian racket, now detained in Shanghai."


A weirdly colored AK-47 can be obtained from the limited edition and be used in Fragile Alliance. The metal parts are a pink-ish purple, while the wood is lighter, almost faded. called "Kaliningrad 47" in-game

Police reg.: 1574 - A087

"Customized Assault Rifle. Origin: Unknown. Found in Bus Terminal near Nanjing Lu."


Used by Kane in the E3 trailer and used by police in Fragile Alliance. Called "Kaliningrad 74" in-game.

Police reg.: 7694 - A531

"Chinese Army surplus. Found on the rail tracks by Pu Dong harbor after the capture of Mr. Kane and Mr. Lynch."


Able to be purchased in Fragile Alliance with the limited edition of the game. Called the "TOQ Elite" in-game.

Police reg.: 9791 - A242

"US Assault Rifle. Very advanced and highly illegal. Obtained after the South Harbor Massacre."

Norinco QBZ-95Edit

Used by both criminals, and police in multiple trailers. It is the most expensive assault rifle in Fragile Alliance and can be found with and without a scope. It is called "Buqiang 900" in-game.

Police reg.: 7539 - A849

"Bullpup Assault Rifle. High-grade and very advanced Military-only weapon. Seized from a Dutch businessman by customs."

Norinco QBZ-95 ScopedEdit

Purchased In Fragile Alliance Mode Called "Buqiang 900 Scoped" in-game

Police reg.: 7895 - A842

"Bullpup Assault Rifle with Scope. High-grade and very advanced Military-only weapon. Found in the aftermath of the Shangsi Tower incident."


Sniper RiflesEdit

Norinco QBU-88Edit

Tumblr l8gv89Lv3V1qbzcs9o1 500
Used by Lynch During a E3 demo, and by cops in the Arcade Mode Traler. Can be found and bought with and without scopes, although the scoped mode only gives the playes a further, scope-viewless, zoom. Called the "Buqiang 800" & "Buqiang 800 Scoped" in-game


Police reg.: 8502-A850

"Semi-automatic, precision rifle. Highly advanced and highly illegal if obtained outside of the Chinese Military. Obtained by Li Lung (aka Brady)."


Police reg.: 8502-A850

"Semi-automatic, precision rifle w/ scope. Highly advanced and highly illegal if obtained outside of the Chinese Military. Obtained in the aftermath of the South Harbor Massacre."

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