RACE: Asian

Hsing is a feared and powerful gangster in the Shanghi underworld, dealing mainly in drugs, prostitution and slavery owning and running many sweat shops across China


Hsing is a brutal gang boss and sociopath. He involves himself in numerous activities that sicken even Lynch and Glazer, with Glazer even stating that he doesn't "associate with people like that (Hsing) anymore". He also works for one of the most powerful criminals in all of China, Shang-Si. With Shang-Si ordering Hsing and his men to carry out such things as assassinations, kidnappings and torture. He is also well known in the criminal world for his great skill with a knife.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog DaysEdit

After the accidental death of Shangsi's daughter at the hands of Kane and Lynch Shangsi orders Hsing to kill both men. Hsing then organizes a hit on Kane and Lynch as they are riding with Lynch's boss Glazer making them think at first think the hit is on Glazer. After Kane and Lynch narrowly escape the assassination attempt they are both ordered by Glazer to go meet with Hsing to find out the reason for the hit. After fighting through Hsing's gang, with the aid of several of Glazer's men, the two finally reach Hsing who reveals the hit was actually on them and the reason why, with these revelations a shoot-out ensues between Kane and Lynch and Hsing's and Glazer's thugs. Later on Hsing captures Xiu, Lynch's girlfriend causing a brief standoff with Kane threatening to shoot Hsing but Lynch knocks Kane out in fear for Xiu's safety. This is revealed to have been the wrong choice as Hsing brutally rapes and tortures Xiu in front of Kane and Lynch and then proceeds to torture both men, with Lynch passing out and after being thought dead, is thrown into a dumpster in an alley. However Lynch later wakes up and follows Kane's screams back to where Hsing is still torturing him and a brief struggle takes place between Lynch and a surprised Hsing ending with Lynch breaking Hsing's neck, killing him. However to Lynch's horror he learns he was to late too save Xiu as she had already died from her horrific wounds.