Kane & Lynch 2 cover
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Release date(s) :

  • JP August 26, 2010
  • NA August 17, 2010
  • EU August 20, 2010
  • AUS August 19, 2010

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is an upcoming video game developed by IO Interactive, published by Eidos Interactive under Square Enix and will be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows in August 2010.[3][1] It is the sequel to Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. On July 14, 2010, it was announced by IO Interactive that Kane & Lynch 2 would be releasing a week earlier than scheduled.[6]

Announced in November 2009, the game is described as having a new visual style inspired by documentary films and user-generated content. According to the press release, "every aspect of the game has been designed to deliver a fresh perspective to the words 'intensity' and 'realism'."[1] A pair of teaser videos accompanying the announcement present game footage in a distorted surveillance camera perspective.[7] Dog Days will be presented from Lynch's point of view, rather than Kane's like in the first game.

A playable singleplayer and multiplayer demo was released on the Playstation Network on July 21 2010 and on the Xbox Live Marketplace on July 26 2010. A demo has also been released on Steam on July 27 2010


The game switches the lead in the series, putting players in control of "self-medicated psychopath" Lynch. The story begins with Lynch having found peace in Shanghai and attempting to "make a fat deal where the pay is beyond his wildest dreams and nothing is going to get in his way."[8]


Players in the campaign mode of Kane & Lynch 2 will take control of Lynch who is backed up by the previous series protagonist Kane. The online enabled cooperative mode will allow players to play as Kane. Unlike Dead Men, players will only be able to arm up two of any weapon they can grab from dead enemies and cannot be swapped between allies. The combat system has been modified from the original game. Players can now take cover through a button press as opposed to originally being automatic depending on stance. While still having regenerating health, players can get knocked down while being able to immediately get back up.


Fragile Alliance returns along with two new variant modes (Undercover Cop, Cops & Robbers). The returning mode still has a group of players attempting to grab as much money as possible while escaping police forces and possible traitors. Undercover Cop follows the same fashion while a randomly chosen player must prevent the team from escaping. Cops & Robbers has a group of player controlled police officers going against the criminals still planned to grab money and escape.

The end of each match will allow players to buy new weapons from their heist money.

There is also a single player variant called Arcade where players must accumulate as much money as possible for high scores while surviving increasingly difficult rounds.

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