Late Night Opening is one of the Fragile Alliance maps in Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. It takes place at a shopping mall called "Nilsson & Krogh Shopping Inferno." Here, players rob the mall's jewelry stores and the cash registers in the various shops and restaurants while fending security guards and police officers.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only Fragile Alliance map to feature an original soundtrack playing in the background, and not just another variation of the game's original score.
  • There are two references to the Hitman series in this map. The first is the mall music, which is from the opening cutscene in the level "'Til death do us part" from Hitman: Blood Money. The second is one of the closed shops, which is called "Mr. 47's Menswear," which is a reference to main protagonist Agent 47's signature black dress suit.
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