AGE: 38
RACE: Asian
DOB: Unknown
HEIGHT: 1.75

Rific is a character in Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. He is a former member of The7 and later joins Kane's group of "Dead Men".

Personality Edit

Rific is easily the most calm and in control member of the dead men that Kane recruits. He doesn't seem to hold much ill will towards Kane when they meet again after Kane breaks into the prison where he is incarcerated. He is however, at first a bit reluctant to join Kane's cause to kill the remaining members of The7. He quickly changes his mind once he is promised money and revenge against The7 for disowning him. He can be easily identified by the shaved head and many tattoos that he has all over his body including many on his chest and neck.

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Edit

Rific was a former member of The7 with Kane until being disowned by them. He is later found by Kane again after being incarcerated in a high security prison which Kane breaks into recruit him, in order to help him dismantle The7 for good. Kane finds Rific sitting in his cell where he at first thinks Kane has come to kill him until he is told otherwise. Rific then aids Kane in breaking out other former members of The7 which are Thapa and Shelly. He later joins the group on an all out assault on Retomoto's tower which is succesfull. After killing Retomoto the group heads to Havana where they believe The7 to be, only to find they have fled. An angered and impatient Thapa decides to leave the group and a betrayed member of The7, Carlos joins them. They head to Venezuela where Rific and Shelly are tasked with holding The7's airfield to prevent them escaping Kane a second time. The7's mercenaries outnumber and eventually overwhelm both men. After trying his best to fight off The7's men Rific is mortally wounded and dies at Shelly's feet before Kane can reach their position, (in the 'Damned if you do' end mission) since he had to rescue his daughter from the last member of The7: the younger brother. The fact that Kane does not arrive in time to rescue Rific leaves Shelly feeling angry and betrayed by Kane.

Quotes Edit

  • "Grimley and Madsen got fried last year!"
  • "So, you finally snap and kill that shit of a little brother?"
  • "These clothes suck... I mean, I just got out of prison!"
  • "Sounds like they're getting slaughtered down there."
  • "Hello Kane. Didn't figure you'd break in here just to kill me."
  • "Kane, we're trapped in the church up the hill, if you can hear me, get us out!"
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