NAME: Shelly
AGE: Unknown
DOB: Unknown

HEIGHT: 1.79m

Shelly is a character that appears in Kane and Lynch: Dead Men and former member of The7 that joins Kane's group of "dead men".

Personality Edit

Shelly is a former member of The7, who was disowned by them, incarcerated and then put on death row (for reasons unknown). He apparently found God during his time on death row, but that turns out to be a lie whenever he is broken out by Kane. He is a first apologetic to Kane, but that stopped as soon as he realized Kane was there to bust him out. However, he doesn't hold much of a grudge against Kane, and even thanks him(for busting him out) at one point. He heard of what Lynch did to his wife, and announces his disgust and refuses to work with him. They put their mutual hate aside, and work together. They do trade an insult here and there though. It appears that Shelly was good friends with Rific. You can hear over the radio, when Rific dies, Shelly is sad and says that he'll miss him.

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Edit

Shelly is broken out of prison by Kane, Lynch, Rific, and Thapa. He then stays with Kane all the to then end and is always in your crew, except the last few levels. He and Rific go to secure the airfield when they all head to Venezuala to confront the brothers. While there Shelly and Rific are ambushed by a large squad of The7's private army. They make countless calls for help on the radio, but Kane ignores them while he is trying to save his daughter. At the end if Kane decides to take the helicopter you never see Shelly, and its safe to assume his is killed in the village. However, if you decide to rescue the men, you arrive too late for Rific, and Shelly still feels betrayed (because he heard Kane on the radio). Kane, Lynch, Shelly, and Jenny make their way to the boatyard, working together. However, when Jenny gets shot, and appears to be dying, Shelly finally gets fed up with Kane and leaves the three. He takes about on the dock, and as he is taking off, there is a large explosion. It is unclear whether or not the explosion even effected him at all. The boat seems to be undamaged.

Quotes Edit

  • "I don't know it must be a death row thing. Either way it doesn't matter, I want out." [About his religion]
  • "I know of him. He killed his wife and did a real nasty job of it too." [About Lynch]
  • "Who made YOU the boss, wife killer?"
  • Fuck Kane, he ran with the load... son of a bitch!
  • Kane I heard you, "I don't give a fuck about the men, just shut that thing off and drive". Don't worry you're gonna die here too.
  • "Fuck you Kane, I owe you nothing. You're on your own. That fucking boat is mine."
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