Thapa is a character from Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. He is a former member of The7 and later joins Kane's group of "dead men"



Thapa is a very greedy and self centered person even for a mercenary. This can be seen several times through out the game when he asks many times about the rewards and payout promised to him by Kane after their group of "dead men" take down The7. He seems to only care for the money he is promised and his own safety.

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

Thapa makes his first appearance when both Kane and Lynch break into a high security prison to break out former members of The7 who have been disowned. After fighting through waves of guards they find Thapa in the laundry room where Thapa at first believes Kane is there to kill him, until he realizes Kane has been disowned as well. After the prison break, Thapa accompanies Kane and Lynch and the rest of the "dead men", which include two other former members of The7 Shelly and Rific. The newly formed team of "dead men" then assault Japanese gangster Retomoto's high rise building. All of the dead men including Thapa dress up as window cleaners and repel down the side of the building where they use an explosive device to kill Retomoto and break into his building. After the "dead men" shoot their way out of Tokyo, they make their way to Havana, where The7 is working with rebels to overthrow the current government. Once the dead men arrive they shoot their way to the capitol building only to learn The7 have fled leaving only Carlos to face Kane's wrath. After some debate however Kane chooses to spare Carlos due to their past friendship, this greatly angers Thapa causing him to tell Kane he can no longer trust him and he then leaves the group to hunt down the remaining members of The7 without him.


On all levels:

  • When another man goes down he will sometimes say "Ohhh shit..." twice. Only the first one will be heard through the earpiece.
  • When going down he will either calmly say "Fuck, I'm hit bad" or shout out "Ah fuck I'm hit! I'm hit bad! Jesus this fucking hurts! One of you fuckers come over here and help me!" Followed by "Someone... Someone help me.. Help me."
  • When attempting to revive Kane, Thapa will only say "Shit, I'll try."


  • At random Thapa will say to Kane "Kane I fucking hate this, there's no sign of them yet, where's the cash?"

Kane & Thapa. Thapa is asking about the cash.

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