The Elder Brother
AGE: Unknown


RACE: Caucasian
DOB: Unknown
HEIGHT: Unknown
IDENTIFIER: Big beard, Long hair
VOICED BY: Charles Martinet

The Elder Brother is the leader of the remaining crime lords of The7, and the game's primary antagonist.

The Elder Brother strongly believes that Kane betrayed 'The7' and stole two briefcases, later fleeing and abandoning the organization. The Elder Brother, in an attempt to recover the briefcases, informs Kane that he has kidnapped his wife and his daughter, and he plans to kill both of them if Kane does not return the items in three weeks.

Character ProfileEdit

He is the leader of the grouping of mercenaries and crimelords; "The7".

Not much information is disclosed about him, such as his actual name, but the in-game material shows him as being a dominant figure who possibly established and formed the mercenary clan he holds. In the past when Kane was working within the group, the Elder Brother showed that he had great interest in him and had said that he had treated him as if he was his own son during that time.

The Elder Brother in the time line of the game forces Kane to recover two briefcases, threatening him that otherwise he would kill his family if the mission was failed. When Kane is unable to retrieve all the money in time, he has Kane's wife executed. He travels to Havana to stage a coup d'état during the waging civil war there, in order to collect a final payment for his ultimate retirement. Kane pursues him out of revenge and through a series of events and conflicts, he is killed in Venezuela when Kane shoots an anti-tank landmine, detonating it.

Quotes Edit

  • "You betrayed us Kane, you left us behind and ran with it all."
  • "You know I have to kill you, but I'm offering you a chance. Bring it all back and I'll let them go."
  • "I treated you like a son."
  • "You're old and slow. You're just gonna get her killed. Just like you got her brother and her mother killed."

Trivia Edit

  • The Elder Brother was voiced by Charles Martinet, who is best known for voicing Mario, Luigi, Wario, and many other characters from the Super Mario series.
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